With the passing of the Volstead Act of 1919 the prohibition era of the United States had begun. Throughout America cocktail parties sparkled defiantly through the dreaded first minutes of January 20, 1920. With morning would come the official start of Prohibition. It was easy, however, to keep the party going in Long Beach, California. Though Long Beach had been “dry” throughout most of its history, illegal liquor distribution throughout the city was already perfected by the time the 18th Amendment, banning the sale of most alcoholic beverages, became law. Already in place were underground booze operations, secretive speakeasies and bootlegging.

The Portuguese Bend area of Palos Verdes was a hotbed of rum running activity during Prohibition – and it wasn’t just rum. Contraband spirits of all sorts were brought from Mexico, Canada, and even New York to the L.A. Metropolitan area via certain areas of the coast that were particularly vulnerable to penetration. Portuguese bend was a favorite for smaller vessels making runs from Dead Mans and Catalina Island. The shoreline was dotted caves and crevasses that provided shelter and storage for the smugglers and included secluded trails and even a landing strip leading to the surrounding cities. 


Two uniquely exquisite gins, each offering a complex and extremely drinkable profile, they will make a gin lover out of almost anybody.

Smoke Bay - A recipe made from traditional botanicals. A complex and flavorful gin perfect for martinis or paired with a quality tonic.

Donna Rosa - California born and made. This pink gin is naturally colored and flavored with whole botanicals including hibiscus, pink peppercorn, California bay leaf, pink grapefruit, cardamom and clove.


To make our Breakwater Vodkas we begin with a corn to impart subtle sweetness through to the end of the product.. It is mashed with just the right amount of malted rye  to supply a grassy note to its finish. We ferment these grains at a controlled temperature, then distill twice. The final distillation goes through 24 stages of refinement to ensure a smooth base spirit. That base is then filtered through three stages of activated carbon for hours.  


Portuguese Bend will not only focus on liquor, but also provide a unique dining experience with dishes designed by an expert culinary staff paired to showcase their in house spirits and cocktails. Dining guests will gaze through floor to ceiling windows into the on-site distillery and watch the spirits be made while enjoying craft cocktails in a pre-prohibition style bar. 


Event spaces can be reserved for special events, receptions, private parties, and classes on how to use Portuguese Bend’s spirits to build their own creations at home, with full service in-house catering. Special tasting menus will be hosted seasonally to celebrate product launches and holiday celebrations. Live music events will be held at Portuguese Bend to showcase jazz and other local artists.