Here at Portuguese Bend Distillery we have been temporarily FDA/TTB approved to make hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are able to produce hand sanitizer because of help from our neighbors at Trademark Brewing (brewing and fermenting), our distillery equipment and most of all our team. Our distillery is equipped with the right tools to produce very high percentage alcohol, which is what you need for hand sanitizer to be affective. The team is following the guidelines and recipes to produce the solution provided by the FDA and WHO. The FDA states that the hand sanitizer must include 80% Ethanol Alcohol, Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide and Purified Water for the solution to be affective. 

We took on this task knowing it was going to be difficult due to the high demand of sanitizer, but Portuguese Bend Distillery Team does not shy away from a challenge. Working day and night to produce hundreds of gallons a week, scouring the internet for containers and supplies, we have been successful in manufacturing for our community and those on the front line of this pandemic. The health of our community is important to us. Long Beach is a tight knit community and we are doing all we can to help and provide. 

Our primary focus for this product is to provide for CISA Certified businesses and teams; our local hospitals, first responders, etc. The people that are at the forefront of the virus who are running out of supplies daily to take care of their communities. We are trying to help out during this outbreak the safest and most effective we can, and this is it. If you are a CISA qualifying organization and would like to purchase hand sanitizer from us contact us today: info@portuguesebenddistilling.com

For our patrons who have supported us since the beginning we are providing complimentary sanitizer when you order for pick-up or delivery (must spend $30 or more to receive hand sanitizer). See our ONLINE ORDERING tab to get your order started today!

Thank you,

The Portuguese Bend Distillery Team

Click the link below to see if you or your business are CISA Certified:


Image Courtesy of Mark Potts - LOS ANGELES TIMES